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Thursday, December 8, 2016

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 Kozi Pellet Stoves  We are the Best !!!

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 One of the most risky investments that you can make is buying a stove from the internet. You should first exhaust all possibiities of buying your stove through your local dealer. Our new site will be dedicated to helping those people who are either in an area where no dealership has been established, or simply for customers who insist on buying off the internet with confidence.

 We are a "Brick and Mortor" West Virginia distributor who knows  Kozi stoves inside out. We install and burn these stoves on a daily basis. Call us or order on line. You will  feel confident buying your stove from us. We are your direct link to the factory.      auth_dealer.gif 



When you buy from us you will get technical support for your stove for a lifetime !!! 



We, at Country Hearth LLC, will include with your purchase FREE shipping including tail gate delivery to your home and technical support for life! 


Buy Smart !  Don't be a victim of a flashy, fancy website ! 


There are many beautiful reseller web sites offering stoves and pipe from dozens of different manufactures at rock-bottom-pricing. However, "Buyer Beware" this is your sign! These web sites can not help you with warranty, parts, issues, or installations.


Ask them if they have ever installed or burned the stove. Ask them if you can come to their store and see your stove burn !!!

Here at Country Hearth Stoves you can see these stoves on display and YOU CAN BURN THEM FOR YOURSELF. Call or email us for sales and store specials !!!